Window Protection Film

Using the Top of the Line Racing Optics windshield line of products to protect the flat Jeep windshield to alleviate cracks, chips, and of course have optical clarity. Never worry again about your off-road vehicle windshield replacement with our product. We utilize a 3- layer tear off having a 18 month life span. Easy to replace, no worry, and of course rely on our company to remind you of each tear off date and ensure optical clarity for your windshield.


The RO windshield line protects any high performance street cars, RV's, and other high value vehicles. This product has multiple, removable layers with high optical performance, Protects windshield glass from chips and other damage, Preserves original glass to preserve manufacturer authentic stickers and event stickers. This product will eliminate glass replacement with your vehicle.

Racing Series:

We strive to ensure that your vehicle fleet for all motorsport racing is custom fit to size and readily laminated with tear-offs that can be pre cut and set to be removed for when the racers need to go. Our company is available to travel to any races to installation days or hours before the event in most of the Western Region of the US. We do provide special pricing for fleets of vehicles and offer single, double, triple and 4 layer windshield installation. We know how fast these cars can go and the durability of how the windshields can be at risk. Let us come to you for installation for your fleet to make it easier for you!


Are you interested in having your team learn how to properly install the RO windshield tear offs. We have certified technicians readily available for you to train your team to ensure tear offs are being properly installed. Inquire through us with special pricing and making it a reality for your team to be set 24/7 365. We are here to help!

Jeep: DT2 Restyling is the leading installation company providing optical clarity to professional motor-sports racer, and now is applying its expertise to street and off-road consumer vehicles. 

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